No hair

Published by pam on Sat, 04/21/2012 - 10:33pm


My friend,
Folks who are staring at you may be trying to identify  on what tv show they saw you or what rock n roll band cover you graced. Someone eventually will get the courage to ask for your autograph.  I'm looking forward to the pics.

I think I'd need a set of very dark sunglasses.  Hope all is well.  I understand the weather in ellensburg has been amazing the past few days.

I think walking around without hair is power.  Power to be seen as you want to.  OK...and one more pregnancy analogy.  Now you are "showing".  It's no longer that awkward phase where one wonders if you are just getting a little thick around the middle.  Now it's out there, in the open.  The fatigue, nausea, and general malaise are now socially acceptable. 
And another good thing....I suspect there won't be as many people touching your head as felt obliged to touch your belly. 
You go girl.

Hi Pam,
Your writing is amazing. I really enjoy reading it.  Thanks for being so direct and open and sharing your life this way. I think I've only met you once but I know you have a pretty incredible family from hanging out with Marc. And from having Ryann visit at work a couple of times, I also know you've done a beautiful job as a parent.  :)
Lots of positive vibes sent your way.
Spencer Erwin

From all of us.  And you should know how much Ryann has enjoyed riding along in the ambulance.  She speaks the world of you and Eric.