Published by pam on Wed, 04/11/2012 - 7:32pm


This should be a thoughtful, meaningful post, I know.  It is the first chemo, there should be insights.   But I think this is going to be little more than an update.  I'm do more later if I feel up to it.  The chemo process went great.  We sat down at 9:30 and were done by 12:30.  But some of the drugs are taking thier toll.


First, they gave me two anti nausea drugs, with I think I tolerated fairly well.  Then they gave me an anti anxiety drug, which gave me a headache, made it hard to focus and made me a bit dizzy.  The feeling was very similar to the painkillers I received in the hospital. Next time I will ask to reduce or eliminate the anti anxiety drugs.  The chemo doesn't bother me at all, and perhaps there is something else that can counteract the sleeplessness of the steroid, like Benadryl.


So I don't feel great and I have a headaches.  Not a giant deal, but I want to keep drinking water to flush my kidney and that is a bit compromised.  Im also still eating stupid foods - like crackers - that can't really be giving my body what it needs.  


Other than that, I'm sleeping.  And waiting to see how long I should wait to pull out the big gun - the zofran.     


More later and I hope tomorrow, I feel better.


Hi Pam, I decided I had to go back to re-read your blog after your first chemo treatment.  I'm trying to get myself geared sister Barbara had a mastectomy for stage 3 breast cancer and will begin her chemo on Friday, exactly 3 weeks after the surgery.  She's having the chemo but I'm thinking maybe I'll be the one to take the anti-anxiety drugs!  
She'll be taking same course as you, although we don't have all the her2/neu results back yet so we don't yet know whether she'll need the herceptin.  That's still a long ways away.
For the record, my in-laws don't know about this as they've had plenty to deal with, so please make sure this isn't mentioned to your in-laws.
Love to Marc and the girls,