I survive round one

Published by pam on Thu, 03/15/2012 - 2:56pm


One thing I know now - i don't tolerate general aesthetics very well.  By I far the most difficult part of this so far is the three hours dealing with the intense nausea caused by the general anesthetic.  I remember - however vaguely - crying in the recovery room begging them to make it stop.  I remember hearing the nurse asking what else they could give me as apparently they had gone through their arsenal.  The first night in the hospital I am disoriented.  I have to go to the bathroom constantly - at least every hour.  And as if that isn't enough, the period that had refused to come finally lets loose.  One more complication that has to be deal with.  Just in case you don't know,  hospital issue pads (there are no tampons) are only moderately effective.  By midnight, they start checking my lung.  I had chosen to have a port-a-cath placed during surgery and apparently, during its placement, they nicked my lung.  I don't have much fat on my chest wall, so there wasn't much room for error.  It is a tiny hole, but it doesn't heal up within the first few hours, so they chose to put in the worlds smallest chest tube  just to make sure the leaking air won't delay healing.  The process earns me an extra night in the hospital which might be a good thing.  It gives me one more day of help getting to the bathroom and learning how to handle the surgical drains wound into my chest.  The drains need to be emptied and the fluid volume measured  and the vacuum grenades re primed to do their jobs. It gives me one more day to ask questions.  


The pain has been remarkable light so far.  And I am told my scar line is lovely.  I haven't looked yet.



Hi Pam,
Sorry Ethan and I have been such lousy friends since we got back, please know that the guilt upon learning of your news has been heavy so you can take some comfort in knowing your miserable friend from E-burg is now self-flaggelating.  Why is it that these terrible things draw us back (or for some, make us run?)  I am hoping it will draw us back to you and Marc, as the two of you (and the girls) hold a wonderful place in our hearts--you made our two years in E-burg oh so much more interesting! Take care of yourself my funny, lovely friend.
I am thinking of you all, sending warm thoughts and hugs your way. Tess

But hopefully well find the time to connect somewhere in the future.  I often wonder how you, Ethan, and the boys are doing,  Hope all is well and that life is exciting.

YOU getting better is all that matters...when you are feeling well enough, let's find a time and place to meet up and just sit and talk.  You are in our thoughts and non-denominational prayers (really just strong and willful vibes saying "get better, Pam...get better, Pam".  Hugs to all of you.