No worries, we're happy

Published by pam on Thu, 04/05/2012 - 3:19pm


A couple people have expressed concern that the lack of posts recently has been due to some health-related catastrophe.  Fortunately, it is quite the opposite.  This is spring break week, so while Ryann and Marc are away visiting colleges, I have been enjoying time with my dad and Miller.  In addition, because chemo doesn't start until next Wednesday and my abdominal wounds are two weeks healed,  I have had a chance to catch up on things that I haven't been able to do like take long walks, tidy up the house after the remodel, and tackle the stack of thank you notes that need to be written.


So if you are one of the people who imagined a scenario of doom, please rest assured.  All is well here.  We are enjoying a bit of rare Seattle sunshine.  I will be back to posting soon as I have a series of half-written pieces waiting to be finished.  But for now, I am preparing for next week and enjoying the time with my family.  


But thank you for your concern.  It's still amazing to me that anybody reads what I write.  Usually there's all sorts of pleading and begging involved.


So, I just saw this headline online and enjoyed looking at the pictures.  Hoping this brings a smile to your face:
By the way, what schools are Ryann and Marc visiting and what are her thoughts in terms of where she wants to go (geographically, size school, etc) and what she thinks she wants to study?

Marc and Ryann visited the following:
St. Olafs
and last but not least, Bowdowin
As you can tell, she is interested in small liberal arts  schools.  Most of her top choices are rural.  She is, at this point, interested in medicine.  She had my grand father's and great grandfather's medical books on her desk.  When my great grand father went to medical school, it took all of two books, albeit thick ones, to get through the training.  Interestingly enough, both books still have handwritten notes inside, including a prescription here and there. 
But, as I'm sure you know, a lot can happen in four years, so it will be interesting to see where she ends up.  

Hi Pam,
glad you have had some time to get some things done around the house. I'm sure you were anxious to put things back in their proper place in the kitchen and take back control!
I hope that Ryann and Marc have an enlightening trip looking at colleges. I believe Judy said they were coming to New England.  I don't know that the timing will work out that we'll be able to see them. I am in CT until early Sunday morning, having flown up from Florida on Wednesday. I've been cooking the past two days getting ready for Seder on Sat. night. Ben and Sam are both coming in from NYC. Ben is bringing his girlfriend Sarah up and Sam is bringing one his roommates (who is also a fraternity brother). My folks will come over also. So it should be fun.
I managed to get some spring cleaning done in the yard and fertlized some of the perrenials too. So, non stop motion. Also spent some time with my mother in law. She was happy to see me, but doesn't remember that I am her daughter in law or that I am married to Rene. What can you do, dementia is awful. But, she was happy to see me and talk so that makes me happy. 
My parents were asking for you. I'll share your recent updates with them.
We will be thinking of you as you start chemo. I 'll be in touch.
Love to all,

I'm afraid Marc and Ryann were in CT just long enough to visit Weselyan and fill the car with gas.  They packed as many schools into those 6 short days as they could.  The good news is that Ryann found a few places she loved.  The bad news is that there wasn't much time to visit with anyone.  Hope the Seder went well.  It's nice the family is close enough to come together for holidays. 
Hope all is well, and wish me luck next week as I shed my hair and start chemo.