So this is it?

Published by pam on Sun, 03/18/2012 - 2:22pm


My chest is tight, the drains are a drag, I sleep sitting up, but that's about it.  Really it doesn't seem so horrible.  Food appears.  And appears again.  And appears again.  We are very grateful for all the help.  I walk as much as I can.  Apparently the general anesthetic is very hard on the lungs. Making sure they inflate fully is important.  So I walk.  I use the little breathing contraption the gave me at the hospital.  Generally, I feel pretty good.  I am healing well and am so glad I chose to do the surgery before the chemo.  I can't imagine trying to heal with low white counts and low energy.  In a couple of weeks, I should be strong enough to start chemo.  


There is one last biopsy I need to schedule.  During all the scans, they discovered a spot on my kidney.  If it is some sort of tumor, it is most likely unrelated to my breast cancer and it is most likely benign.  90% are benign.  


I rest up and schedule my appointments and watch Miller do her best routines of the year in her last gymnastics meet of the season.