Update on Pam's surgery

Published by Marc on Tue, 03/20/2012 - 1:42pm

Up at 3:40 am to be at the hospital by 5:30 for this second surgery. Why are things so much scarier in the middle of the night?
Anyhow, the doctor just came down to tell us that the surgery went well. There were some problems getting to the kidney, due to the bleeding from the biopsy, but after they worked through that everything went just fine--very little bleeding, no nicking important things like the bowel, etc.
We're still waiting to hear how she's doing in the recovery room. Last time, she was extremely nauseous, and it was a really unpleasant 4 hours. We spoke with the anaesthesiologist about this, and passed along some very detailed recommendations, so the hope is that things will go better this time.
It's now Wednesday afternoon, and Pam is doing great. She wasn't nauseous in the recovery room (thanks, Carol!). She's been up and about, walking around, and recovering quite well. Yahoo!!!


Good thoughts and prayers going out to you all, be sure to shout out if you need anything at all, that's what community and neighbors are about.  love, pegeen and the crew up the hill

Pam - I can tell you there's lots you can do with only one kidney - even it it's someone else's kidney that's been donated.  The nerve comes back - after time.  Your remaining kidney will do just fine.  At this point you probably feel like your body is a battlefield of scars - but they will diminish over tme.  It's the attitude you wake with everyday to make it a better, stronger and healthy day.  June of 2008 was my transplant and by October  I was hiking (slowly) in NC with my sister.  The same sister who donated her kidney.  Sending my love and best wishes for a strong recovery.  Nancy

Hi Nancy,
I've had so many questions for you over the last couple of weeks.  There were others before, but not as intense as these.  We seem to have Fred's Facebook, but not much else.  Think I could trouble you for your email and maybe cell phone.  You can send them to Marc throug his facebook.  I am still a hold out.  I know that comes as a surprise.  I have though of you so many times through all of this and what a strong face you presented through out.  Hope all is going well now and there is much hiking and joy.
Talk to you soon, I hope

We learned of all that you are going through upon our visit here with Gordon and Jane. Our hearts go out to you all- you are in our thoughts and prayers!  I am sorry you all have to go through this.  You are  strong, Pam. Your family is loving. Your friends are with you . Hang in there! You're going to make it through this!
Love, healing, and strength to you, and to Marc and the girls-
John, Anne and Gabe Merrill-Steskal

Hi Marc and Pam,
I was just catching up on Pam's blog and see the news of her surgery yesterday. We are sorry to hear about this new development. We send our best wishes for a speedy recovery from this. Our thought are with you all.
All our love,
Rene and Michele