Two treatments down and some pictures to boot

Published by pam on Thu, 04/26/2012 - 4:51pm

Click on photos and captions will appear, if you are interested in such things.  Sometimes it takes a second, so be patient. I have completed the second of four AC treatments and I must say, this one seems a bit easier than the last.  I'm guessing that’s because I know what to expect and am better at managing my drugs and my eating.  I had limited side effects last night but took some Zofran before any nausea set in.  I slept well and woke this morning to a 10 o'clock acupuncture appointment.  That could be another reason things are going a little better than last time.  It is a sunny day here, and I took a walk with a friend who always seems to be there to walk when I need one most.  Now, I am trying to squeeze in a post before making a quick trip to the market.  All in all, it's a pretty normal day, unless you count the 2 hour nap I took on the couch.
My wonderful daughter is making roast chicken tonight for dinner.  I have no doubt she will do a spectacular job as she and my kitchen seem to have a very special relationship.  She whipped up some vegetarian sloppy joes earlier this week that were spectacular and I have still yet to taste a cupcake than can hold a candle to her toasted coconut cupcakes.  Not that I'm eating a lot of sugar these days, but I imagine myself eating them on a regular basis and that is almost as good. Really, even with all the fancy little cupcake boutiques that have cropped up, none of them come close to what she can concoct on a lazy Saturday afternoon.
But enough about cupcakes.  You came for pictures.  I should say, hairlessness is not nearly as scary as I thought it would be and I have almost forgotten about my old self.  It is surprising how quickly we adapt to changing situations, reminding me once again that the anticipation of hardship is always harder than the hardship itself.  I was scared to lose my hair, and I was scared that the chemo would melt me away.  Neither has been the monstrous experience I expected.  As far as chemo goes, my oncologist claims that if people are going to react badly to a particular drug regime, they do it out of the box, not the second or third time.  He says, this is what I can expect each time with mild variations.  Of course, he is always so encouraging, I sometimes find myself prodding him for bad news.  Which he rarely gives me.  People tell me he is a rock star among oncologists.  I think he should wear a cape, since he is surely a superhero.  He might not cure everyone, but he has a way of making me feel special and full of hope each time I walk in his office.  What more could a girl want from someone who holds her life in his hands?








First, I love the hat (with or without the hair underneath).  Second, the scarf is great - I too love the way you tied it.  And, third/last, you look as beautiful as I remember you!

You look fabulous. I love the scarf flowing down your back. I did not see your poat about a walk yesterday but know I am always up for one and it has been far too long since I have walked down your driveway.

just email when you want company on or off the road.


I look forward to catching up.

I look forward to catching up.

Love the scarf!!!  Now you have even more excuses to become an accessory maven!

Let's make him a cape. I can sew. I think he needs one. You had been so quiet, I was beginning to worry. What a relief to see that you are doing really well! You ARE half way done with the "devil"!!!!! Use baby shampoo on your will keep the skin nice and, well, baby-like! I have finally gotten clearance to walk. I would love to take a spin around the pond!

Technical problems.  I'd been posting, but due to some accidentally unchecked boxes in my blog program, the articles remained unpublished.  All is fixed now.  I would love to walk.  Sometime the end of next week, maybe?

Pam- You look like a beautiful gypsy, without the hat (my childhood version of a gypsy). I always wanted to be a gypsy and dressed up as one for four years in a row for Halloween. Mackenzie and Abby also got the gypsy bug for Halloween a couple of times. Your hoop earrings need to be bigger. Today in Ellensburg, you would have to tie your scarf up tight- windy-windy-windy.
Have a nice day:) 

All is well here in gypsy land.  Only one more nasty treatment to go, then on to the easier ones.  At least that's what they tell me.  I am knocking wood as I write.  I think you came to visit on one of my most difficult days, so please know that we are getting through this smoothly so far.  Most days, you wouldn't know anything is wrong, except for the hair.  We are hoping to make it to ellensburg,urg a couple of times over the summer, so could you please arrange some wind free days for us?  H ope to see you soon and that all is well there.

Glad you are doing fine.  We think of you often.  When you feel up to it give us a call and we can discuss the Village Speaks Board.  It is a very worthwhile endeavor.  Just about time to get clams and notice the the whold Island is shut down.  Barbara,s new book should be out this fall.  Called THE TIGER DRUMS, set in Japan.  Other stuff on .  Take care.  Love from us both.