Published by pam on Tue, 02/28/2012 - 3:11pm

While I am talking to my daughter, a woman taps on my window.  She is all of 22, fresh faced, and full of life.  
"I'm sorry to interrupt," she tells me.  "But I just had to tell you how happy your car makes people."
I drive a Volkswagen Eurovan.  People are pretty enamoured with it.  But they rarely tap on my window to tell me so.
"Thanks," I tell her.  "We love this car."
"It's not just the car," she tells me.  "It's the license plate frame.  Hogwarts Express.  How cool is that?"
It's been there so long, I'd forgotten.  The moment takes me out of myself and I remember all the long hours reading Harry Potter to the kids in the back of the car. I am less concerned about what I haven't done than with what I have, and the world, for an instant, doesn't seem so bleak. 
I wonder about angels who appear, not to perform miracles, but to gently nudge you along the path you are fated to travel.


Beautiful story, Pam, and beautifully written. There is an oft-repeated quote, attributed to many different sources, that is an apology for a long letter because, the author says, he lacked the time to write a short one. Thanks for taking the time.  Our thoughts are with you and we look forward to seeing you before too long.

Eurovans always remind of giant bread boxes!  I love how high you can sit in them.